Our Engagement Story // 2.11.14

Congratulations!!! This is a must read!

Simply Sweet

We pulled up on the side of the road and I looked up to the small park where we went on our first date. Between the two old fig trees on the grassy hill I could see the warm glow of lights in the darkness and bouncing off the leaves. “Peter,” I said, “we can’t go to the park. There’s already someone up there, I can see some lights.” He opened his door and smiled at me. “Really? Well let’s go and have a look. Maybe they’re just some left over halloween decorations or something.” In that moment, I told myself that I believed him – I didn’t think I could stand the disappointment if I let myself believe what was happening if it wasn’t what I hoped.

~ ~ ~

Dear friends – today I am so excited to tell you the story of how a wonderful man asked…

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Happy Birthday Maja!!!

October 24 was my birthday. Can I have a hand clap? *blushes*

On Thursday, October 23 I went to my beautiful beautician. Krystal does an amazing job to my hair. She has taken care of my relax hair and my natural hair and she surprises me every visit. I love the way that she takes her time and she explains step by step. When it comes to the texture of my hair (I’m sure women of all textures can relate) it takes patience, a specific technique, and a lot of time to detangling. Krystal is never in a rush, trust me I’m there for hours ( but I never mind).

In my previous post, titled Congratulations to me, I told you guys that I had a surprise. Well here goes!!… to read more go to my website @www.wild4ufashion.com

Natural Hair Lingo

Hello my beauty queens,

I know that I haven’t posted any natural hair post in a while and I’m sorry. I didn’t notice that my hair appointment was so far away. I decided to post one of my future post to make up for our lost time together. Now I know that there’s a lot of beautiful natural hair bloggers that might have covered plenty of the same topics but I don’t want to miss some of my natural hair queens who might haven’t came across this post and they might really need it.(to read more go to my blog at www.wild4ufashion.com)

Do you have a rectangle/straight body type?

Hello Queens,

Today I have a new post on www.wild4ufashion.com . As stated last week I will have a mini series about different body types and what you can wear to enhance certain parts of your body. This week I’m giving tips on rectangle/straight body types. Check it out and if your not that body type maybe you can refer someone who you think might be and stay tune maybe your body type will be next.

Lots of Love,


Mommy and Me

Go to my website to see today’s Mommy and Me look!!


Do you like for your little princess to dress like you? Are you tired of searching through stores and you can never find the same look for you two? (Raises hand in agreement).

There’s no one store that I go into that I’m able to shop for me and my daughter and the clothing are slightly similar. I’ve found stores that are online that have mommy and me clothing and there prices are outrageous.(At least for me anyway) If you feel anything like I feel than you would have hope that one day shopping for you and your princess would be easy. Well today maybe your lucky day. If you follow my blog every Monday I post an affordable look for busy mom’s. Today I added a bit of a twist to the post. I have posted a picture of a Mommy and Me look at an affordable price and this time I shopped around.

I like for little girls to dress like little sassy princesses. My daughter is 5 so I like for her to dress just that way. Do you agree? Do I post a look that makes your little princess look like mommy but with just as much fierce as you do.

Tell me what you think of today’s look? Would shopping around for your mommy and me clothes be easier if it just appeared on your screen weekly? I hope that you and your princess like the look!

Lots of Love,